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May 19, 2020

Is It Worth It to Upgrade Your Car’s Safety to Save on Insurance?

Is It Worth It to Upgrade Your Car’s Safety to Save on Insurance?

You may have heard that some auto insurance carriers will give you a discount on your policy if you upgrade to different safety features. The idea is that the more precautions you take, the less likely it is that you’ll ever file a claim in the first place.

You can certainly purchase cars with semi-autonomous technology and advanced theft-prevention systems, but you may wonder if it’s worth it to make those upgrades if you have an older or less outfitted model. We’ll look at the average numbers to find out more.

A Double-Edge Sword

Advanced safety systems can help you prevent a crash, but there’s a catch to this. If your car is damaged, then those features are more costly to repair. The sensor technology and computer systems models are not only expensive to buy; they also take a highly skilled mechanic to correctly repair them.

Where a traditional headlight may not cost very much to replace, its LED cousin might cost 10 times as much for the same damage. If you damage the side mirror in a parking lot or at the car wash, this seemingly simple repair can become much more costly if you have blind-spot protection. So that extra cost inevitably gets passed on to the consumer. In some cases, it may even make your premium higher.

The Other Side

Even if your car insurance rates don’t plunge due to adding safety features, they may still be worth it for you. If this technology can step in for you if you can’t react in time to a pedestrian, the cost for this technology can be literally priceless.

In addition, certain items, like anti-theft systems, can potentially pay for themselves by saving you countless hours of hassle (including having to find a new car). By preventing theft from occurring in the first place, it’s easy to see the value beyond just your insurance rates.

And this is not to say that your auto insurance carrier won’t provide you with a discount for upgrading your safety. You’ll need to check with your specific carrier to find out more. Some companies may offer larger discounts for some upgrades over others, which can help you prioritize if you’re looking to invest in your cars safety anyway.

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