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February 27, 2018

Five Basic Steps to Protecting an Insured Property

Five Basic Steps to Protecting an Insured Property

Businesses face a slew of risks, annually. Even if you’re an optimist, you should prepare for the worst. One of the ways to do so is with business insurance. Before deciding on a policy, you should pinpoint the biggest dangers to your business. Below, we’ve outlined the five biggest pitfalls you might fact as a business provider.

Step One: Defend Against Lawsuits
If you’re running a business, you’ll eventually face the risk of lawsuits. Sometimes, these might arise completely out of the blue. Between workplace accidents, wrongful termination, libel and workers’ compensation, your business has a lot of legal responsibilities. To protect it, you’ll need to purchase a targeted business liability policy. A liability policy can cover any legal fees you might face. It can also pay for any damages.

Step Two: Change Business Tactics with Care
Bankrate.com has covered a number of ways to avoid business-related pitfalls. They urge business owners to insure against their specific risks. Unfortunately, these risks change. They change often.

As your business grows, you might forget about the policies protecting it. Know the risks your business faces. Insure against them. Always be ready to change your policies, because not doing so might leave gaps in your coverage.

Step Three: Defend Against Property Loss
Your business’s property is in danger at all times, and it’s your responsibility to protect it. Make sure you’re auditing your physical locations, processes and assets. Also, invest in a business owners’ policy to cover any damages your assets might face. Between storms, fire and other disasters, property damage happens far too often.

Step Four: Protect the Workplace from Injury
Workplace injuries, meanwhile, can result in surprising medical costs. They can also lead to lost productivity, inflate insurance premiums and spawn lawsuits. As part of your business protection plan, make sure you’re protecting your workplace from slip-and-fall-accidents, leaks and even structural damages.

Step Five: Reduce the Chance of Reputation Loss
Reputation loss, surprisingly, is a devastating expense. If your business fails to maintain a solid reputation, it can lose employees. Even worse, it can lose valuable sales to competitors. While a business’s goodwill isn’t directly impacted by a business insurance policy, staying legally safe can certainly protect you from possible reputation loss.

Update your business insurance policy regularly, and double-check with your provider before picking a comprehensive coverage package. Your business’s safety comes first, and you—as its owner—deserve as much coverage as possible. For more information, contact one of our agents today.

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