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September 30, 2021

Can I Still Buy Term Life Insurance in My 40s?

Can I Still Buy Term Life Insurance in My 40s?

Getting older means becoming wiser, and sometimes, you might be in your 40s before you realize that you need life insurance. You might even wish that you had purchased a policy 20 years ago when you were young, healthy and just starting out.

Even though you might be looking for life insurance later in life, that doesn’t mean you can’t get it. You might wonder, however, whether it’s still in your best interest to do so. Will this coverage be too expensive if you do enroll?

Keep the following ideas in mind when you start your search for a plan.

Consider How Long You Want the Policy to Cover You

When getting a term life policy at any age, you should think about your goals for the policy. Since term life plans are designed to last for a certain number of years, it’s important to weigh the length of the term next to your future financial needs. These might be a lot different when you are in your 40s as opposed to your 20s.

Since you are going to be older when you get this policy, then it might be better for you to choose a policy that has a shorter term. However, if this policy with a shorter term expires before your death, then you run the risk of having to reapply for another policy, which might be more expensive in the end. You should choose a policy that offers a substantial term, but which does not strain your budget.

Some life insurance applicants choose their policy’s term based on a specific objective that they have for the policy. For example, you might only want a life insurance policy to cover the cost of your mortgage. Therefore, you can tie the policy’s expiration date to approximately the date that you will pay off the mortgage. Then, at the time you pay off the debt, you can let the plan expire without an additional challenge.

Weigh The Costs of Your Policy Carefully

As you age, your eligibility for life insurance will decrease. This will occur because the older you are, the higher your risk of death might be. Therefore, an insurer might be forced to make a riskier investment by covering you later in life.

Still, getting coverage in your 40s can be affordable. Policy costs range widely. Your health, where you live, and the amount of coverage you carry are key factors besides your age alone. Therefore, you shouldn’t let being 40-plus stop you from getting an affordable plan.

Term?life insurance?at 40 still makes sense. It can provide you with the peace of mind you need. You can protect your family and minimize their financial loss should something happen to you unexpectedly.

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