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August 24, 2021

Power Washing a Home’s Exterior in the Fall

Power Washing a Home’s Exterior in the Fall

Even though it’s still summer, it’s time to start thinking about the approach of autumn. Now’s the time to consider some of the important household maintenance steps that you should take on during autumn’s mild weather. Before winter sets in, there is plenty of time to do a few things to repair and spruce up your property.

Perhaps you might notice that your home’s exterior has taken on a green, black or brown hue. It might be due to growths of algae, moss, mildew or even mold. While normally these growths are easily managed, they can do damage to your home—and even create a health hazard—if you neglect them.

The easiest solution is to power wash the house. Usually, it only takes a trip to the home improvement store to be able to get the materials you need to do so. Power washing your home has its benefits, and in the end, it can help you maintain a safe property. By doing so, you can also maintain your property value and avoid any potential insurance liabilities.

If you’re planning on power washing to your home yourself, here’s what to do and what you need.

  • You need a pressure washer and a cleaner recommended for siding or brick, whichever one you have.
  • Be sure the pressure washer has a nozzle that will not damage your house. If you rent or buy the power washer, ask for a nozzle specifically made for dwelling washes. It is a nozzle that gives a wider spray than you would use to clean a concrete driveway, and it can better disburse the pressure from the water.
  • Use cloths or plastic to cover any plants, shrubs, light fixtures and other items that you need to protect from a powerful water spray. For light fixtures, you can put a plastic bag over them and use duct tape to secure them. 

Follow the directions for the power washer and spray your house. You might need to use different amounts of water pressure as you work on different parts of the home. Start from the bottom up so you can see what you are cleaning, and use smooth strokes so you don’t miss a spot. If necessary, let the cleaning solution settle on the surface for a few minutes and then rinse off.

If your house has not been cleaned for a few years, you might need to clean it more than once. Just let the home dry in between cleanings so you can be sure and get all the dirt and grime. Plan on repeating this process every fall to protect your home’s exterior in the long term.

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