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Mobile Home Insurance in Center, Texas

If you reside in a mobile home or manufactured home, having insurance can provide essential financial protection for your home, belongings and potential liability for third-party injuries and property damage.

At Shoop Insurance Agency, we’ve been leading the way in meeting insurance needs for residents of Texas and Louisiana. Our team of insurance professionals is dedicated to getting you covered.

What Is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance is a specialized policy designed for homeowners of mobile or manufactured homes. Unlike conventional houses, mobile and manufactured homes are factory-built and delivered as a single unit, sometimes on nonpermanent foundations with movable chassis. This unique construction requires a customized insurance approach. While it shares similarities with traditional homeowners insurance, mobile home insurance can help address the specific risks and vulnerabilities associated with mobile homes.

It typically includes these primary coverage options:

  • Dwelling coverage—This can cover repair or rebuilding costs for the structure of your mobile home, including attached structures such as stairs or porches.
  • Personal property coverage—This may reimburse the cost of damaged or stolen personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics and jewelry, up to policy limits. Coverage usually reflects the depreciated value of older items. High-value jewelry and collectibles may require additional coverage.
  • Medical payments—This can help cover medical expenses if someone who doesn’t live with you gets injured at your mobile home. Medical payment coverage applies regardless of fault and typically has lower limits than liability coverage.
  • Liability coverage—This policy may help cover your legal liability for third-party injuries and property damage.
  • Additional living expenses—This may help cover costs for temporary living arrangements, such as accommodations and restaurants, if your mobile home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event.

Is Mobile Home Insurance Important?

Mobile home insurance is essential for protecting mobile and manufactured homes, including attached structures, personal belongings, liability claims and additional living expenses if the home becomes uninhabitable. While optional, mobile home communities and mortgage lenders often require it, making it a prudent investment against potential risks.

How Much is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance costs vary based on the home’s value, size, construction materials, location, safety features and past claims. Additionally, coverage limits and deductibles influence the premium, with more comprehensive coverage and lower deductibles typically costing more. When selecting insurance, consider your budget and coverage needs to find the right balance.

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