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August 23, 2018

You Swerve to Avoid a Deer and Hit Someone Else: Who Is at Risk?

You Swerve to Avoid a Deer and Hit Someone Else: Who Is at Risk?

Deer-related car accidents are not uncommon. In some areas, they are on the rise. Impacts with a deer can cause a significant amount of damage. They can also be life-threatening. If you swerve to avoid a deer, though, you are at a higher risk for hitting another person or car. If you do this, who is at fault? Understanding the details here can be challenging. However, if you lose control of your car, you are at fault in most situations.

Swerving to Avoid Hitting a Deer
Most people react by turning the wheel when something approaches their path suddenly. However, swerving like this can be very dangerous.

Though hard to control, you should try to avoid doing so. You may not have enough time to understand what your risks are. Is there oncoming traffic? Will you strike a tree if you turn the wheel hard? Because you cannot answer these questions in that moment, try to simply stop. If you cannot stop, slow down as much as possible. Stay in your lane. This is the best way to avoid a potentially dangerous accident that puts another person’s life at risk.

Who Is at Fault?
Even if you train yourself to avoid swerving, your instincts may still play out. When this happens, you may be unable to control what happens next. However, if you swerve your car across the center lane, you are likely responsible for wrecks. Drivers are responsible for controlling their vehicle. If you lose control for any reason, you could be responsible for the losses you create.

What Type of Auto Insurance Can Help You?
Generally, there are several potential options. First, if you strike another driver, your liability insurance may help cover the other driver’s losses. If you strike anything else, liability insurance will provide financial compensation for another person’s losses.

The damage to your own car may have coverage. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, this may help cover your damage if you hit the deer. In some situations, you may also have collision insurance. This can help cover damage if you swerve and hit a guardrail or other car.

In all cases, it is important to remain vigilant when it comes to driving on roads where deer could be present. This can help to keep you safe even in the worst of situations. Keep in mind your car insurance is there to help you.

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