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October 7, 2021

10 Tips for Safe Driving

10 Tips for Safe Driving

When you drive recklessly, it impacts more people on the road than just yourself. In fact, other drivers, their passengers, your passengers and even pedestrians on the road can be affected by the decisions you make behind the wheel. Therefore, you have to treat driving as the potentially dangerous activity that it is.  

Your ability to drive safely directly relates to your insurance rates and the continued validity of your driver’s license. The better you avoid hazards, the better you can avoid higher insurance rates and other driving penalties. To prevent a license suspension or auto insurance rate increases, practice the following 10 safe driving tips: 

  1. Drive within the speed limit: Your risk of getting into an accident increases by 5% for every mile per hour you drive. Following speed limits keeps you safe. 
  2. Buckle your seatbelt: About half of all fatal accidents involve individuals who are not wearing seatbelts. Buckling up can be the difference between life and death in the event of a collision. 
  3. Don’t drink and drive: Alcohol causes reduced reaction time, blurred vision and poor coordination, all of which impair your ability to drive. Always appoint a designated driver or call a ride. 
  4. Put the phone down: Recent studies have shown that texting, surfing the web or doing other activities on your mobile device while driving can slow your reaction time more than alcohol. Keep your eyes on the road.  
  5. Leave enough space: To protect yourself from sudden actions of the car in front of you, leave about two to three car lengths of space between yourself and other drivers. This gives you extra time to stop suddenly if needed. 
  6. Get enough rest: While you should get eight hours of sleep per night, this isn’t always feasible. To prevent nodding off behind the wheel after a night of restless sleep, drink a caffeinated beverage and do a few minutes of movement to wake your body up before starting your commute. 
  7. Maintain your car: Staying on top of routine car maintenance and repairs keeps your car in road-safe condition for the best driving performance. 
  8. Stay aware: Being alert to your environment at all times is the best way to avoid an accident. Look far up the road, beyond the few feet in front of you and use your mirrors to stay aware of any potential hazards. 
  9. Drive defensively: Avoid letting road rage get the best of you. Don’t suddenly change lanes, and always use your turn signals. The more you do to let other drivers know your intentions, the better you can avoid accidents. 
  10. Avoid driving in bad weather: Driving in heavy rain, snow or ice can be challenging. If the weather is particularly bad, avoid going out as much as possible to reduce your chance of accidents. 

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